People pretend so much. They pretend not to care but at the end they do care about there loved ones and their family. Every person has a different way to express his/her way of showing concern and care. This doesn’t mean that they don’t care they do its just they don’t know how to show it. When time will come they will definitely show their care for you. Whatever they say to you doesn’t matter what matters is they don’t let anyone else say anything to you. They don’t appreciate your value in front of you but that doesn’t mean they don’t value you. They know your worth. It’s just that they don’t want you to know how much you affect them. 


Life is full of adventure. There are a lots of twists and turns. You never know what’s gonna come across your life. Anything can happen. Just be open to opportunities. Don’t restrict yourself. Let yourself free. Don’t let anyone control your life. Do whatever you feel like doing. Go where ever your heart takes you. Even if it’s the wrong path you would learn something from it. Don’t learn from other’s experiences. Create your own experiences. Maybe somethings don’t work for some people but they might work for others. Chase your dreams. You might have to loose few things to fulfil your dreams. Don’t be afraid to do so. Caz as it is said “no loss,no gain”. Everything has a right time. Cease every moment in your life caz those moments won’t come back. Someone once told me that the best thing about time is it isn’t constant. Bad times will pass away and so will the good times. It is on you whether you want to regret or cherish the moments of your life.